"I trained with Leah after the birth of my second child and not only did I lose that pregnancy weight but also the leftover weight from my first pregnancy! She gave me an easy to follow routine and then encouraged me along the way. Leah is a gift to any new mom looking to get her form back."
- Cathie

"I don't know what I would have done without Leah during and after pregnancy! Leah opened up a whole new world for me - she taught me how to safely perform abdominal exercises throughout my pregnancy that kept me both looking and feeling great. She really kept me enlightened as to how to optimize my workouts and overall life around the changes I was going through. The biggest surprise came after pregnancy - her changes to my usual abdominal routine not only got me back to my pre-baby shape, but also reduced my waist to a full inch smaller than pre-baby! And to top it all off, her abdominal maintenance recommendation is a lot simpler and less time consuming than my old workout routine and it totally works - my pants continue to fit better than ever!!"
- Christy

"I waited until 2 years after my second child to start to work out. Leah got me right on track in what I thought would be impossible. She is so knowledgeable, and supportive. Leah gave me the tools and encouragement to change my body back to what it used to be pre-baby! The sessions were fun and challenging and suited just for me. I got back my confidence! Thanks Leah - you're not just a great trainer, but also a friend."
- Karen

"Leah is the only trainer I have worked with that I actually felt good about. She 'got' me instantly and was able to motivate me to work hard without being critical. She created interesting and diverse workouts that kept me engaged and, by the end, I felt that not only did I have a trainer, but I had a friend. I would recommend Leah without any hesitation. She's the best!"
- Leslie

"Two years ago, stressed and worn out from too much work and no play, I beseeched my dear friend Leah Keller to take me on as a running student. As a sports therapist, I was always patching up runners, sending them to Leah for re-patterning, and now I needed her help. Through the winter we trained; rain, snow or shine. She re-adjusted my attitude, she was infinitely patient, coaxing and then coaching me to a level of running fitness I no longer believed attainable. She had faith in me, she was ever cheerful and encouraging, we finished every session with a series of great stretches, I worked my way up from no mileage to high mileage. Now I run 10 miles in the hills of Laguna Beach, easily and often. I have run all types of races, I have finished in the top three of my age division in 5K, 10K and the half marathon and I am injury free. I use everything she taught me always, because it works. Leah Keller is a first class coach and trainer. I refer all of my New York clients to her knowing that they will be in the best possible hands and get the results they seek."
- Claudia Terlizzi Chapel, The Muscular Therapy Center